REFIT is a “movement+music” experience that adds resistance-training elements to give you a total-body workout. Approximately 600-800 calories are burned within a 1-hour class. REFIT is recognized by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Continuing Education Provider


This is a very gentle class for beginners and those already practicing.

This Christ centered session is infused with Scripture set to calming music. During this candlelit experience an opportunity to relax and unwind is offered.

Props may be used in some classes to allow for the most restful version of these static or “held” poses.

If you have “props”: blocks, straps, blankets or bolsters please bring them along with your mat. The “props” are not required and modifications will be offered in classes for both variations. The mat is needed and we will have a few available to borrow or pick up your own for around $10 for a basic mat at retail stores.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in and leave your shoes at home. This class is done barefoot.

At least once a week is recommended for restorative classes . Ideally pairing these with your fitness routine allows your body to repair and be ready to take your fitness journey to the next level.


We begin just breathing. Movement is then added to the breathe. The movements are designed to create space, promote circulation and improve flexibility over time. Gentle cardio is achieved through the combination of breath and movement or the “flow”.

This God honoring experience is for all. Class is infused with scripture and set to positive music. Candlelit room provides an atmosphere for meditation and reflection as you move.

All levels are welcome. If you have a body and you can breathe this class is for you.

Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in . Bring a mat and water. No shoes are needed this class is done barefoot.

We do have a few mats on hand to borrow or you can pick up a basic mat for around $10 at local retail stores.

A minimum of three times a week is recommended to begin to feel and see the difference.


This 90 minute class combines all of our classes into one amazing session!
We begin with 45 minutes of choreographed cardio. Then the last 45 minutes we remove our shoes and roll out our mats for a combination of Victory Flow & Restore. This is an experience like no other as it combines everything for the full VICTORY FIT EXPERIENCE! You won’t find THE BLEND elsewhere this is our specialty.

It was created by LaShena Wheat who is a 225 hr / yoga instructor and REFIT certified dance instructor.
Currently this special class will be offered once a week on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7pm.

Bring a mat, water wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.
As all of our classes are this class is for all levels and variations will be offered in class.
Don’t miss THE BLEND!